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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Having babies today is cruel: The future is bleak. (Global warming etc)

Having babies today is cruel: The future is bleak.
Nothing to eat, nothing to drink, just sea all around, land is hot and uninhabitable...
I explain:
CO2 is causing global warming to no end.
Raised temperatures will melt the polar ice caps and cause sea levels to raise tens of meters (up to 70 as I understand).
Much of humanity/ cities are currently located along coastal areas and will be inundated by the rise in sea levels. Their populace in becoming environmental refugees will only massively overcrowd existing crowded cities, further straining resources with social unrest a natural consequence.
Fertile lands inundated by sea water instantly becomes unusable for farming due to salinity issues; aggravated by desertification and drought, as well as the exhaustion/ salinization of ground water tables, massive famine results as farm produce instantly dwindles.

Desertification is often the result of poor land management.
Slash and burn farming, over farming, over logging, farming with chemical additives, mining all result in severe topsoil [wiki] damage through either depletion of organic material, erosion or deforestation in the name of 'development'. This is an exponential process since the lack of ground cover simply allows unshielded rain torrents to wash away more topsoil on every occasion. Ditto for the wind which would ceaselessly blow sand into the sea, again further raising sea levels.

Rainfall becomes irregular and the land dries up. The massive soil erosion from barren, sterile land flowing into the sea only further raising sea levels and extending the limits of desertification.

The loss of polar ice caps and other iced peaks etc means that more of the sun's heat is absorbed by the Earth instead of being reflected back, and this further raises the Earth's overall temperature.

Further land reclamation by 'rich' countries also raise sea levels both by 'fluid displacement' as well as by carbon emissions- the result of energy expanded on sand import to facilitate such reclamation/ construction.

The destruction of estuaries from land reclamation, corals dying from changes in temperature all mean fewer fish in the sea for us, ditto 'overfishing'.

Desalination of water is an extremely energy consuming process, the widespread use of such technology (necessitated by the lack of rainfall) will only serve to raise temperatures further, and further aggravate the already record levels of CO2.
Water water everywhere, yet not a drop to drink.
Carbon in the air, carbon in the sea, the land is barren, our stomachs empty, our tongues are parched.

We are a mindless generation of ingrates.
Our children will suffer a living hell.
Having a child is cruel, worse still is doing so knowingly.

And yes, Dr Goh was probably somewhat prophetic about Noah's ark 'sailing through the SAF'. This time, not as an experiment, this time for REAL, its just a matter of time, sooner or later.


[2003 WHO report]: 'alarming increase in cancer rates'; [alt ref]


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