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Friday, March 26, 2010

' are the head of the household with 2 kids...'

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At the basic level, you are the head of the household with 2 kids, and has been comfortably housing them in a rented house, but Alas, your are very "fertile" and start having more kids
- 'Fertile' - You seem to describe a relationship which is premised on lies/ maybe an adulterous one, with hard evidence like: U-tube:Kong Hee 30,60 100 fold return.mp4 a blatant misrepresentation of bible text- out of context representation of '100 fold return', aggravated by the improper use of Singapore currency as props and reference, not to mention the possible abuse of Church funds whilst perpetuating a falsehood (he gave away to the volunteer 100x what the volunteer gave- see video- were these Church funds: 'cost of props'?).
- If people come to you and obey your instructions based on falsified/ misrepresented facts/ promises on your part, this is called deception- a criminal offense. U should be sitting in Changi 'free accommodation, free food, court appointed incarceration' rather then fathering more children and destroying lives!

and logically you would like to continue to house them in one bigger location.... and you realise that your rental payout is growing, as you need a bigger house to comfortably "house" your Loved ones and wisdom would dictate that,
Yeah, like a ponzi scheme, the problem just gets bigger and bigger, U need to hide the truth with incremental effort.

" ... Hey, it makes more sense to buy rather than rent, ...
- The Holy Bible is a very powerful book. Unrestrained, you would in the course of misrepresenting it to unsuspecting individuals, unsurprisingly amassed a huge fortune. For any lie to continue rewarding its creator, it must be perpetuated, so yes one would then instinctively buy as large property as possible to perpetuate the lie and 'conceal' your misdeeds.

... and from the savings you could help others! ( Wisdom will indicate that to help others you need to be "healthy", first )...
- Economies of scale or otherwise, the source of income arising from deluding the impressionable cannot be logically expected to be for the purpose of good.
- "wealth" is what is meant here by "health", for which 'helping others' is only an excuse and facade in your quest for your unrestrained accumulation of wealth through fraudulent means.

So, is it greed that this Head of household starts saving to Buy a bigger house and Is it greed, if he can afford to buy a bigger and more appealing house?
Ditto as answered above (hiding the truth with incremental effort).

There are many here who has condemned and declared that these "Heads" are greedy and love money? On what basis is this conclusion made?
No, they are worse, they achieve what they do by deception, cashing in on the impressionable- people sad, lonely or battered by a life of adversity. Misusing government concessions intended for Charities, they conquer with their deceptions/ delusions like a horse on steroids.

A Bigger permises to House their flock for fellowship? Is it wrong to house your flock in comfortable surroundings, who contributed towards the purchase of the bigger and better place. The head did not appropach other " heads" of households for funds to purchase the new permises.
Like I previously described 'ponzi scheme'- one that leads ultimately to empty promises, these wolves in sheep clothing have to give regular payouts to keep their clients happily occupied, totally mesmerized by the lie- less a bored clientele adopt Bible reading habits, discover the truth and blow the ruse.

As the bible has indicated give what is due to ceasar's to ceasar, Yes follow the Laws of the Land, no issue there.... but as long as the Laws of the land is followed,
THE laws of the land are FLAWED

Then how these "mega-households", so decide to handle their funds is their perogative.... in this earthly context, they are accountable to their flock!
The funds are in your pocket because of your Criminal ability to deceive and mislead, Flawed laws, inadequate policing, your undeserving exploitation of NFPO-Charity tax-exemptions. All funds should be impounded with immediate effect.
'accountable' : your flock would indeed declare you 'accountable', you are their 'leader' after all, by virtue of the criminality of your deceptions and lies and your ability to monopolize their attention so that they have little if any reason/ opportunity to access the Bible holistically/ adequately. In this earthly context, you are a criminal by any measure.

If the flock is agreeaable to the comfortable lifestyle of their "Heads",
These poor souls have been misled.

then why, you who is not a member of that household, "throw stones" at the "Head"?
You have misled 33,000> how many more would it take to appease your lusts? We are only throwing stones now, however, we would do ALL IT TAKES to stop this Crime against Humanity, even if it require the use of a nuclear weapon.
This is because judgment day will ultimately come, and true Christians want to remain in the good books with God, carefully obeying His commandments, beginning with His greatest commandment in the Law,
Matthew 22:37 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.', they may at times falter, but none I believe, have the audacity to so embarrass Him through deception and mis-representation for lust of personal gain to so hideous an extent.
By our faith in God, we would rather die trying, then live in regret- please stop testing our patience with your silly little 'homely stories' of crime and incest.

... Just because your opinion is that, This "Head" of household should not have the "right" to live comfortably due to some pre-conceived idea, does not mean your view is right for this "household"!
- With hard video evidence like: U-tube-Kong Hee 30,60 100 fold return.mp4 a blatant misrepresentation of bible text shamelessly floating around the internet, what 'pre-conceived idea' are you talking about.
- Holy Bible text is the same, whether read in the bedroom or studied at doctorate level, it is the commitment of the reader to a holistic interpretation of the Bible that counts. You are being judged based upon an interpretation of the Word, albeit I believe a holistic one.

What is seen in the video is non-biblical (a grossly misrepresented interpretation of the Holy Bible), something the learned pastor knew or ought to have known and defies the very basis by which the said Church is granted registration as a licensed Charity with tax exemption status.
This is blatant profiteering through misrepresentation of the Bible cannot and must not be allowed to continue, let alone fester under the privilege of state endorsed tax-exemptions.

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