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Monday, March 22, 2010

Imagining a Singapore without the PAP

I sympathize with Mr Ling, the unabashed PAP supporter who posted on the National papers Forum page, far exaggerated possibilities of each citizen being paid S$1Milliion each - [suggesting that SG coffers now have at least ~S$3.5Trillion (S$1M each for 3.5M Citizens)]; threatening that the PAP would and so casually abdicate has touched on a raw nerve amongst many Singaporeans.

I guess it was the threat in his comment that PAP Ministers might suddenly abdicate and his unabashed suggestion that all is hail and hearty in Singapore- lead to concerns about his true motives- that resulted in research into his background that ultimately revealed the author- revealing his status- not that of a genuinely concerned citizen, but as an 'undeclared' active member of the Bishan-ToaPayoh Town Council (2007-2008) [alt], a 'poster-boy' in a 4/19/06 magazine article hosted on a PAP website (his wife was a teacher with the MOE) and his current status as possibly an Assistant Manager,Singapore Technologies Electronics- a GLC.

His ostensible concern for the common man was betrayed by the presumptuousness of his beliefs, hyperbolic examples described and ultimately ambiguous intent by virtue his undeclared position and status in the forum letter- something he ought to have done in the spirit of full disclosure, it being a letter intended he published by the Straits Times.

These inadequacies have left followers of this thread with a bitter after-taste, the veiled attempt at further perpetuating PAP rule, ultimately back-firing and with resultant renewed suspicion of government servants in general and Town Council Members in particular.

The summary of findings in this thread would certainly impact negatively upon the future credibility of Mr Ling Tuck Mun, however, it does give us all a lesson on the importance of being upright and faithful in all our undertakings.

I wish Mr Ling a fruitful realization in his commitment to the interest of all humanity in general and the interest of his constituents in particular.

Nice day to all.
Feb 3, 2010 

LAST month, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong touched on the next general election, which must be held by early 2012.
A person I discussed the matter with offered a radical idea.
Imagine the People's Action Party (PAP) at this month's Budget successfully enacting a law to distribute most of the country's reserves to all eligible Singaporeans.
Each Singaporean would likely become a millionaire overnight. Imagine the tsunami of joy sweeping each person, who would literally be a first prize Toto winner instantly.
The only sum set aside would be the same amount of reserves that Singapore had when it separated from Malaysia in 1965.
In fairness to the next political party forming the government, the sum should factor in a reasonable rate of interest to match inflation over the years. 
The task before this new party is to build Singapore up in the manner the PAP has done.
Imagine the dissolution of Parliament immediately after this month's Budget to make way for a general election.
The PAP recuses itself from this election after concluding that Singaporeans would prefer a fresh political party at the helm.
The PAP would no longer need to explain the need for Central Provident Fund savings, to delay retirement, import foreign workers to grow the economy, ensure sufficient public housing and public transport, build up a credible and strong defence force, establish quality and value-for-money health care and public education and so on. 
I wonder if any Singaporean can still be confident of the worth of having a million dollars without the PAP in power. 
The notion may be a figment of the imagination, but it is worth pondering, if only because it helps put matters in perspective for the ordinary Singaporean. 
That is, to imagine a Singapore without the PAP. 

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