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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Strange and odd that important Singapore rules and regulations are ill-available to the layman

I find it strange and odd that important Singapore rules and regulations are ill-available to the layman, at least not on the internet and not accessible through Google. e.g. Rule 28 of the Road Traffic Rules wrt cycling on pavements and I find it quite a shame.
The said rule has been quoted countless times, not least of which include the following examples:

- LTA press releases: 27 May 2007- Press Release On The Cycling On Footways Study In Tampines Town : "... 2. Currently, under Rule 28 of the Road Traffic Rules, enacted in 1981, cycling on footways is prohibited. ..."
- PARLIAMENT QUESTIONS & ANSWERS 27 August 2008> Response from Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, Mr Teo Ser Luck: "... 5. In the meantime, for all other areas of Singapore, Rule 28 of the Road Traffic Rules still applies, that is, cyclists should ride on the roads only and not on pedestrian footways. ..."
- Local newspaper reports: Dec 14, 2009- Footways for all to use: "... Under Rule 28 of the Road Traffic Rules, enacted in 1981, cycling on footways is prohibited. ..."
-Police Official replies to NLB 'Kids ASK! about' project: “Under the Road Traffic Rules, any emergency vehicle shall have the right of way over all other traffic when on urgent duty call, and all traffic should give way to such vehicles. ..."
- The SPF website: 'Information on Dangerous, Inconsiderate and Careless Driving'> " ...Careless driving is furthermore prescribed under Rule 29, Road Traffic Rules, which states : 'No vehicle shall be driven or ridden upon a road otherwise than in an orderly and careful manner with due regard for the safety of others . ..."

I thought the eCitizen portal about cycling would have a link to these 'Road Traffic Rules ' But was let down.
-eCitizen portal: 'Transport and Travel'> 'Cycling in Singapore'> 'Cycling Rules'> "As the number of commuters opting to cycle continues to grow, so does the importance of observing the rules and regulations of cycling. Being aware of and keeping within the guidelines of these rules help keep cyclists safe and to avoid accidents between cyclists and pedestrians on footpaths. The relevant laws governing cycling on the road are:
- Road Traffic Act (Chapter 276, Section 140),
- Road Traffic Act (Chapter 276, Section 114)"
* Both these links lead vaguely up to - the general page for ALL Singapore statutes.
In any case:
Chapter 276, Section 140 is titled: 'General provisions as to rules'> '140. —(1) The appropriate Minister may make rules —
(a) for prescribing the language and script in which any traffic sign, notice, record, application, return or other documents shall be written; (b) for any purpose for which rules may be made under this Act;... '
Chapter 276, Section 114 is titled: 'Traffic regulation on special roads'> '114. —(1) The Minister may make rules to prohibit or restrict the use of any special road by any traffic or class of traffic subject to such conditions or exceptions as may be prescribed. ...'
* Try it yourself, go to, type '276' in the 'Go to Cap. No.' box and read the statute yourself. For the life of me, I cannot understand how these vague specifications help regulate to any adequate extent, cycling or even the use of footpaths, the laws listed are just much too vague. So are Road Traffic Rules are quite different from the 'Road Traffic Act'? Where then can one access the the oft refered to'Road Traffic Rules'?

WRT ''Bicycle Rules'', I was finally led to 'ROAD TRAFFIC ACT, (CHAPTER 276, SECTION 140), ROAD TRAFFIC (BICYCLES) RULES' contributed by an avid cyclist, the original source of which requires PAID SUBSCRIPTION to view.

Another discussion board user also seems to have the same problem in accessing the said 'Road Traffic Rules', his response viewable here.

So I surmise that we are a rather sad country, where whilst one is expected to obey the rules, the access to them actually requires a PAID SUBSCRIPTION. Can poverty be an excuse for ignorance? -I doubt so.
What kind of bankrupt authoritarian country is this. Perhaps this post is like speaking of the 'sky-falling-down', then again, please correct me if I'm wrong as I do believe that this problem isn't an isolated one. (You may also reply to the same message posted on my blog.)

The pictorial result of my recent Google search [6Mar2010] for 'Road Traffic Rules' (pages from Singapore)is here

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  1. You do know that the Subsidiary Legislation is available for reference at all public libraries? According to the AGC that is.