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Friday, September 11, 2015

PAP philosophy= Parliament needs 1/3 opposition presence for maximum growth.

PAP philosophy= Parliament needs 1/3 opposition presence for maximum growth.

Minister Lim Swee Say: I have a formula for GDP growth for the next 10 years
In his speech at an employment fair, newly-minted Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say proclaimed that he has a formula for GDP growth for Singapore in the next 10 years....'In the last 10 years, we have been growing our economy based on a simple formula of ‘3+1=4’ : 3 per cent growth in our workforce plus 1 per cent improvement in our productivity to give us 4 per cent growth in our economy.'
In the last 10 years, most of the 3% workforce growth has come from letting in foreigners en masse for employment in Singapore.
As at 2010, the composition of labor workforce (including foreign domestic workers) was as follows:

Given to foreign labourers and PMETs receiving ample employment opportunities to work in Singapore, PAP achieved overwhelming success at increasing GDP (with Singaporean citizens providing only 54.7% of workforce), it is time to take a leaf from the PAP's indiscriminate dependence upon foreign workforce philosophy and apply the same to increasing opposition presence contributing to the diversity of options considered in parliamentary debate.

Indeed, Singapore will do much better with a 1/3 opposition presence in parliament.

If PM Lee HL continues to cry like a spoilt kid that having too many new opposition friends in parliament would leave him no choice but to "fix" them so as to get his way (as was the case before), then my response would be that the Prime Minister (PAP) just has to shape up or shift out.

GE2006: "Fixing the opposition":
The PAP had already supersized the GRC system of elections perversely for the following 2 obviously nefarious reasons (ref: 'How the the PAP abused its mandate, created GRC system to terrorize Singapore.'):
1) to obviate the need for by-elections upon the occasion that MP seats be vacated (unless ALL 4-6 seats are vacated),
2) to achieve repeated walkover elections by increasing the threshold to electoral contest in a vast majority of seats (4-6 same party candidates), and through widespread gerrymandering,
These in concert with obviously political partisan conduct of HDB and PA (Ref: 'Chen Show Mao disinvited to dinner') have stunted the development of political literacy and social debate in Singapore: making Singaporeans frogs in the well in these areas of development.

There is thus urgent need to rebalance the partisan ratios represented in parliament and to work toward improvement and reform of the GRC system of elections as illustrated in my essay: [NCMP scheme a great replacement for flawed GRC system of elections]

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