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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Follow PAP's precedent, confidently vote capable opposition candidates into parliament (to drive home need for GRC system reform).

Follow PAP's precedent, confidently vote capable opposition candidates into parliament (to drive home need for GRC system reform).

When PAP faced the problem of stagnant GDP, Minister Lim Swee Say decided to import foreigners en masse to increase their employment in Singapore: "the Manpower Minister (Lim Swee Say) said that Singapore should only increase the population at 1% and get the 2% growth from increased productivity: 'In the last 10 years, we have been growing our economy based on a simple formula of ‘3+1=4’ – 3 per cent growth in our workforce plus 1 per cent improvement in our productivity to give us 4 per cent growth in our economy.... As I mentioned, 3 per cent is not sustainable because our local workforce not growing at 3 per cent. For the next 10 years, we’re working towards ‘1+2=3’ – 1 per cent growth in our workforce plus 2 per cent improvement in our productivity to give us the 3 per cent growth.' ” [ST, 01 Jul 2015: Minister Lim Swee Say: I have a formula for GDP growth for the next 10 years]

Unfortunately, to ramrod its GDP solution viz 'workforce inflation' through, PAP created laws to hyperinflated the horrible GRC system of election to leverage upon perverse laws legitimising the omission of by-elections which that state that just one MP remaining in each GRC (needn't be minority) is sufficient; whilst gerrymandering GRC boundaries every election to keep any opposition efforts at building relationships with residents few. ['How the the PAP abused its mandate, created GRC system to terrorize Singapore.']: thus dispensing with any political accountability checks as occasioned normally by by-elections should MP seats become vacant: but which PAP dispensed with, with its Frankenstein GRC laws.

All PAP GRC MPs have to strictly toe the PAP line since being expelled from the PAP will mean the end of an MP's career since by-elections need not be called. i.e. as aforementioned, there is almost zero provision in law for by-elections in GRC system to give constituents any hope of having a morally sound MP returned (as independent etc): the PAP has thus confiscated/ suppressed the people's voice.

Consequently, the people demand to be heard about issues ranging from transport to inflation, housing to affordable food as well as work-life-balance: problems which PAP has been slow to respond to or adequately solve.

So since the PAP chose the path of LEAST RESISTANCE of increasing GDP by en masse importing foreign labour, it is only in PAP's lead that citizens also import a few more opposition MPs into parliament. The current resident workforce of 66% is inclusive of PRs, the true citizen workforce only consists of 54.7% of total workforce. (Ref: 'EXCLUSIVE: WORKFORCE COMPOSITION IN SINGAPORE'])

In a purely single seat constituency (SMC) form of elections, a PAP win of 60 seats of a 89 seat parliament would be a roaring success (many other European state govts are coalition ones between parties capturing <50 2="" 89="" a="" all="" and="" b="" begin="" candidates="" competent="" each="" enough="" first="" form="" government="" in="" is="" it="" more="" mp="" of="" pap="" place.="" seats="" than="" that="" the="" to="" unlikely="" were="" with="">

Singaporeans should thus have no compunction voting in capable opposition candidates into parliament when deemed necessary; after all, unless an SMC in all unlikelihood becomes vacant, there will be zero by-elections conducted between GE2015 and the next: sufficient opposition MP activity in needed between now and then to keep up the warmth.

PS: voters who look forward to more frequent by-elections presently curtailed by GRC system of elections are advised to vote in capable opposition parliamentarians capable of upgrading the current GRC system of minority representation into a full SMC system of elections with NCMP and NMP provisions to ensure adequate ethnic minority representation in parliament.

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