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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Elements of a Marriage Made in Heaven.

Forum question: How to get a gal to be interested in u? 
Me thinks that the way to find like (similar/ comparable) partner is to developed YOUR OWN INTEREST. 

And I don't just mean $riches/ power etc, it could be ANYTHING including charity and religion: please read on to learn more....

Opposites attract where capabilities are concerned and that is why male and females paid up as couples (each have by gender classification: unique yet complementary capabilities); however, where personal/ corporate interest is concerned (e.g. politics, religion, morals/ ethics, $$$ etc): if of sufficient importance :like interest attract.

E.g. if sufficiently pious, Muslims will INSIST that their partners convert to the same religion before marriage, as do Christians, as do the staunch followers of other religions: since for staunch believers, one's religion has huge and impact on one's life focus, cultures, traditions, commitments etc: to accept any lesser a partner would be like cutting off a part of oneself since for believers, faithfulness to one's religious beliefs (relationship to God/Allah etc) is a crutial part of their character/ persona.

My guess is that one's survival in the increasingly technological world going forward would MORE SO be premised upon one's religious inclination simply due to the immense environment of uncertainties, unpredictabilities/ temptations in the technological age. Internet websites like Ashley Madison which actively promotes adultery abroad (site banned in SG) as well as internet casinos, unheard of pre-internet age, have since brought new temptations direct into the bedrooms of every home: married couples now have so much more reason to stray: such that those without strong sense of duty/discipline, mainstream religious moral teachings of some kind: are MORE likely to experience divorce/ some form of family discord/ dissolution etc.

Switching gears, Fukushima Nuclear reactor explosion (Japan) due to Tsunami flooding to diesel power generator for reactor chamber cooling mechanism remains a case in point of the DEPTH of moral consideration necessary for the large scale human endevors in operation today with their attendant massive detrimental impact on the environment and the lives of people within. The greater the endevor/project, the treated the moral foundation necessary. Both Fukushima nuclear disaster and the recent S Korean Sewol ferry disaster have been confirmed by local boards of enquiry to be much the result of greed eclipsing the necessary moral / safety mechanism ordinarily essential and easily implementable: the lapse of which caused much avoidable premature deaths/destruction consequentially.

Marriage, like any human endevor be it building a large passenger/ cargo liner or nuclear power generator: requires planning with good moral/ethical foundation right from its conception stage to continued robust adherence even at daily operational stage to avoid any preventable disaster, with Fukushima and the Sewol being examples of failed operations.

The question to be asked should thus NOT be what makes a guy attractive to a gal. The right question to be asked should be what moral/ ethical interest are worthy of a mutual and enduring commitment to monogamous lifetime endevor by BOTH a guy and a gal.

If U have read all the way to here, thanks for your kind effort and attention. Your comments on this opinion are very welcome and greatly appreciated.

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