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Friday, October 24, 2014

HHH cf. LHL: sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander please.

Originally Posted by ilold
Re thread (SGC):Han Hui Hui, Roy Ngerng and others to face charges over Hong Lim Park protest march
it's not double standards. it's comparing to separate events with different circumstances. if you're so sure it's double standards and unlawful then HHH and roy can just go and sue Nparks and they would win assuming you are right. If you believe that AGC is corrupt that means you should just move out of the country as the country is inherently corrupt.
Separate events but question about space occupied and the activity conducted therein run in the same vein.
LHL was obviously trying to (illegally) campaign/ influence the Cheng San GRC election results by his very presence at the poling station on that 1997 GE election day. He should have been charged/ warned for that incursion if not for the AGC coming to his rescue by helping him exploit a loophole in the wording of law.

Now Han Hui Hui et al. are being charged for conducting their protest, whilst within Hong Lim park, was not on their purported 'designated' ground. Whilst I admit that I am not privy to by how far HHH was warned / if at all her permit was cancelled, I cannot help but recall how much in 1997, the AGC went out to of his way to read the law in favour of incumbent politicians no matter how ridiculous that legal excuse/ conclusion sounded.

No country is perfect, not USA and certainly not China, however, it is the onus of every citizen in a democratic country NOT to elect clowns and from time to time, when either the AGC or politicians fall short of moral expectations, people come out to protest, at first on the internet at first, then at Hong Lim park and finally at the ballot box if necessary.

Whilst I agree that HHH's conduct on 27Sept was quite disrespectful, I believe so was the conduct of LHL at the Cheng San GRC GE in 1997 (if not worse: UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!). Just as the AGC leaned backwards to forgive the earlier LHL case, so must it accommodate HHH (the latter case).

Just my personal opinion based upon facts to the best of my knowledge. U are free to record yours down in so far that U act for the greater good of all. This is how democracy is supposed to work after all.

What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander: then only do we havejustice and equality for all (ref: national pledge).

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