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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reasons why I think Maliki Osman is LESS Singaporean than most...

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Thread source (HWZ): Maliki Osman should reflect if Islam really wants to cause hardship to all poor by increasing GST to indirectly sponsor Muslim Haj 
I tot you always insisted that Singapore engages in heavy Quantitative Easing and have been printing money at a rate that is unhealthy?
Money do not grow on trees, the government PRINTS it!!
Yes, thanks for reminding. And yes, despite already printing nett new $$$ at an already unsustainable rate of 8.7736% p.a. (22 yrs trend), they still say $$$ not enough: year-marked to raise GST to 10% in 2016/thereabouts (3 news paper cut outs as evidence above).

Obviously, the problem now is that many PAP MPs have since lost sense of reality/ $ prudency having enjoyed their stratospheric MP/ ministerial salaries for so many years to date that they are perhaps becoming TOTALLY dependent of pork-barrel politics to run this nation aground...

CPF Minimum sum is called 'Minimum' for a reason: it guarantees to some extent that all Singaporeans and PR are financially self-sufficient: to protect the greater good (nation's financial strength/ independence) just as NS maintains the territorial independence of Singapore.

Now, Muslim MP says minimum sum is for Muslim Haj: which is a slippery slope argument insofar that it stimulates my Chinese marneyfaced-MP to propose that Minimum sum is also need to buy motor-car COE since to him car is necessity and in fact he owns two...

Zero minimum sum means that every other old folk will be on gahmen charity aka 'public assistance' scheme: FOC $430/mth + 100% free medical + subsidised 1-RM rental flat @ S$21/mth: at these rates, I believe that GST will probably have to increase at maybe 1-2% p.a. just to subsidise these lazy/greedy old folk who use their CPF minimum sum for everything from pte car transport to donations to CHC Con Hee Fah Chai can stay on Sentosa Cove pent house: which then TOTALLY DEFEATS the spirit of national service, which in the case of the elderly: is simplified to being independent about their own financial health so as not to burden the Singapore Gahmen with excess/ unnecessary costs.

Minimum is call MINIMUM for a reason. If the silly Maliki Osman cannot understand the meaning of MINIMUM, then he does not deserve even to call himself Singaporean, even if he is a successful PAP puppet MP (: another travesty of the Singapore political system).

BTW, if Mr Maliki is still so keen on sending every Muslim on Haj, then why not BAN ALL 2nd HAJ visits or impose an exponential Haj COE of 1000% the price of Haj for 2nd Haj visit and 10k% the 3rd and so fourth since I am aware of some Muslims going more than once which then proves that the Haj is no more than just ritual and little more than a human certification of 'faith'.

I believe that God values charity just as the Christian Bible states Jesus Christ teaching as: Matthew 25:40:"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'"- (NIV): which simply proves that true religion is a mindset of charity to the poor and disenfranchised: not just fashion driven human rituals that cause a nation to be poor or a lame excuse to defeat the definition of national service towards the safeguarding of the spirit of individual self-sufficiency where the CPF Minimum Sum scheme is concerned.

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