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Friday, September 26, 2014

Is Quantitative Easing= financial terrorism???!!!

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Thread source: RE: Is QE Really Working?

can say United State gone bankrupt since 1991 when its current account went negative. went belly up in 2008 but still no recovery. joke for stock markt to go separate way.
Me thinks that the FED is just coiling the spring of Armageddon with potential energy so that when release, really BAD things will happen... As it is, QE is a form of financial terrorism: stealing from the poor (inflation eats into their savings etc) just to boost GDP (the idol/ 'golden calf' of economist) to deceive the gullible (most) that all is doing well: "see, GDP is growing fine" so all must be okay: too bad if it is 'EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES' phenomenon: all the 'growth' is FALSE and just a sentiment premised on stupidity, greed, pride/ deceit.

The skeleton in the closet is basically the wealth and knowledge divide which means the majority poor are getting poorly paid Potemkin jobs (cleaning, table waiting, sweat shop/ carefare jobs etc)/ victims of land grabs/ global warming linked environmental disasters and so increasingly disenfranchised to the extent that any organisation claiming to fight 'inequality'/ perceived injustice, the likes of ISIS is likely to be a big attraction to them... and then the world would be in big trouble as militant/physical terrorism becomes a new phenomenon not just in the middle east but also all over the world in so far as the FINANCIAL TERRORISM of 'unlimited QE' as practised by G7 nations creates a new and wider class of miserable working poor...

Humanity if it survives, will look back at 'unlimited QE' and judge it as the forbidden fruit it should NEVER have eaten...

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