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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Re: [Comical interlude]: Allow non-elected ministers

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May 17, 2011
Allow non-elected ministers...
Me thinks this conundrum of reputable Ministers losing elections would not have occurred if the GRCs were not super-sized post inception to 5-6 persons each and MM Lee taunting Mr Low last election to contest in a GRC.
Which other GRC could Mr Low have contested except Aljunied (where WP did well last election).
I think people voted WP this time 1/2 out of disappointment with PAP and 1/2 out of worry that there would be no viable opposition to check on the PAP.

The former being due to the presence of too many coat-tail MPs accumulated since inception of the GRC system and the latter due to more parliamentary seats being subsumed under the GRC system of elections than really necessary.

PAP forced the SG electorate to take desperate measures to safeguard the political integrity of Singapore.

The electorate had little choice but to responded according to the cards dealt.

Minister G Yeo lost his job.

And this is all purely the fault of Super-sized GRCs.

So rather then the farcical pantomime of having non-elected ministers, please revert to 3 or fewer member GRCs so the opposition can have its decent say in parliament and reputable ministers expectantly re-elected.

Singapore society would be better led with more robust political debate.

The PAP staked Singapore's political maturity to procure PAP political hegemony.

Yielding to the temptation of political hegemony is the error the PAP must now repent for through the tight choice of political appointment holders available to the choosing of PM Lee.

May PAP and its opposition enjoy friendly rivalry for the good of all Singaporeans and our reputation to the world.

- 'Revert to 3-member GRCs for credibility' : [ST, 09Apr2011]   
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