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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Re: Hail Mammon, vote for the PAP.- "What the hell happened now?"

Re: "What the hell happened now?"

Apologies for delayed reply, was editing the first post for clarity/ readability. Your protests are noted.
Originally Posted by *StarDust* (28-03-2011; 03:41 PM) View Post
Re: Hail Mammon, vote for the PAP.
I believe BicCherry is another clone of Mel Lee.
Categorically denied. Who is Mel Lee anyway?

Originally Posted by Lancelot (29-03-2011; 07:51 PM) View Post
Seriously Bic, you used to provide well researched thoughts backed up with links and sources.
What the hell happened now?
Thanks for the kind compliment, still do make the effort though for larger (esoteric) topics attempted, readability might sometimes be compromised as a result.
I have since tried to rush further edits to improve clarity before the scheduled suspension of edit privileges, a key edit, highlighted in red as follows, unfortunately couldn't be included by dateline "Singaporeans are as complicit as the PAP in the state run worship of Mammon (the profligate pursuit of prosperity)"- I hope it does clarify my stance.

Agree that this post is a tad be extreme in terms of the religious slant though such is the constitutional right of all Singaporeans to "profess and practice his religion and to propagate it" [SG Constitution, S15(1)], appended as follows:
15. —(1) Every person has the right to profess and practise his religion and to propagate it.
(The main qualification being that: )
(4) This Article does not authorise any act contrary to any general law relating to public order, public health or morality.
In this uncertain world, a diversity of world views should be considered and welcomed by the leaders and people of multi-cultural Singapore, and in this regard, I believe that this what 'matured forums' is created for.
Only through mutual understanding and acceptance can consensus be found.
I shall be glad to follow up should there be inaccuracies or discrepancies to the facts described so as not to mislead the uninformed.

If I could please ask, why is the term 'temesekreview' (sic) banned (see end-note), is this censorship by SGclub actually necessary given to the fact that the SG government has neither banned the site nor demanded for it to be registered as a 'political association'.

Lastly, may I kindly suggest that the option of automatically embedding YouTube videos be set as off by default as I believe that it was the unintended embedding of YouTube videos before my last edit that made the first post untidy if not unsightly.

End-notes (example of SGclubcensorship):
Pls click on both associated links to note censorship:
- '‘Adviser over MP’ raises many questions': "PAP MPs are appointed as advisers to the grassroots organisations in their wards by the People’s Association (PA). In the two opposition wards, the PA picked the PAP candidates who contested but lost in the wards in the last two polls as the grassroots advisers."[ST, 22Oct2009][alt link]


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29Mar2011: Hail Mammon, vote for the PAP.

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