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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pls reveal your full intent of purpose.

Hi all,
I am looking into a feasibility of conducting a cohort health study. Let say should one be sick (flu, cold and other infections), a trained nurse can go to a location of your choice to take a swab and maybe some blood from you for testing, for free of course.
The results of the test will be sent back to you online. A free health screening (cholesterol, blood sugar level etc) will be thrown in.

All results will be kept confidential according to Ministry of Health guidelines.
Recruitment and communication will be online. The duration of the studies will be around 3 to 5 years.
Of course initial recruitment will be official in newspapers and national TV
My question is: Will you all be interested? In order to make the study meaningful, the participants are required to hopefully staying for at least 3 years. So within this 3 years, whenever you are sick, you contact the project people and the nurse will come
Hi, sorry to raise questions about the integrity of your purposes here as this site's high noble title is 'current affairs'.

May I kindly suggest that in order for some legit to be put on your proposal (which includes solicitation for clients/ survey), that one or more of the following are satisfied,
i) You identify yourself, qualifications and organisation.
ii) State the purpose of your study and your key sources of sponsorship.
iii) The benefits to society wrt to the conduct of such purported tests/ experiments.

Otherwise it is rather difficult for people to respond to your invitation less accept this thread unless your integrity of purpose is clearly defined.

That said, perhaps HWZ and other forum sites might do well taking a leaf form the book of 'SGclub' and start, under the category of 'current affairs', sub-forum categories such as 'making a difference' [link], 'matured forum' etc to give more space to focused discussions rather than the haphazard way that 'current affairs' is presently used.

In the meantime, each would just have to be conscientious and responsible forum users I guess.

~ "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'"-- Matthew 25:40 (NIV)


- 'WHO reveals H1N1 committee's links with big pharma': "..there had been earlier calls, including from the British Medical Journal, to release the names of committee members and their conflicts of interest, in the interest of transparency and to monitor any possible commercial influence (, 9 June 2010). The pandemic has proved profit-making for the industry, with one estimate (by JP Morgan) putting 2009 vaccine profits alone at $7-10 billion.... 'It would be useful to know the definition of conflicts of interest used by WHO in its selection process and what level of conflicts of interest disqualified a potential committee member from selection. We'd welcome the same degree of transparency for all WHO committees. This would go a long way to dispel the unhelpful atmosphere of suspicion that sometimes clouds the organisation's decisions,' he said." [ghwatch, 11 August 2010]

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