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Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to correct HDB flat prices by 20% for now.

How to correct HDB flat prices by 20% for now.

Perhaps in a time of rocketing HDB prices due to the 'dire need' for HDB flats,
Gov should implement the following:
  1. Rationing of HDB flats ownership by floor area, with entitlements proportionate to the number of citizens/PRs owning the same apartment. My suggested (generous) calc. even in this time of 'dire need' is [800sqFt + X(300)]: where X is the no. of SC/PR owning such a flat (acc. ref below, would still qualify a single owner for most 4rm HDBs, but not 5/ higher which would be for families).
  2. Make anyone owning BOTH HDB and Pte property enjoy the owner-occupied property tax rate of 4% on the HDB and have the pte property be annually taxed at 10% REGARDLESS of where the owner actually resides in- so as to keep to the spirit that HDB are actually meant for owner-occupancy. (A dual property owner in disagreement can dispose of his HDB which he is obviously not occupying, to enjoy usual 'owner occupied' discounted property taxes on his condo etc).
  3. Charge PRs double purchase stamp duty when they purchase a HDB unit (open mkt) to discourage PRs competing for public housing options over pte housing options and limit the number of foreigners awarded PR status given out per annum until the a/m can be properly enforced.
  4. Impose a Public Housing foreigner rental levy (PH-FRL): every foreigner (F) (i.e. non citizen(SC)/ PR) renting a HDB room/ unit shall have to pay a levy of 20% of rental / $80/pax/mth, whichever the greater to HDB for their enjoyment of 'subsidised' public housing in Singapore. ALL lessees (SC/PR/F) shall be registered with HDB so no SC/PR can 'rent' a unit whilst owning one (i.e. profiteer fr secretly re-renting it to the F).
    - All foreigners (friends/ relatives) bunking in with a Singaporean for >2 weeks would have to be registered with HDB so as to avoid misunderstanding when HDB officers come round to check.
    - Evasion of such levy would entail a a fine, jail or confiscation of the HDB flat.
  5. Charge PRs who own in HDB units higher conservancy fees so as to encourage them to move to pte housing/ become citizens if all the a/m fail.
The a/m 5 pointers are more egalitarian, effective and citizen empowering solutions that I hope the gov (MBT) would consider first, before blaming the low birth rate for his (their) attempt to inflate Singapore economy with more foreigners- there must already be formed a foreigner and PR bubble, otherwise why else the sharp escalation in housing prices, esp that of public housing?

Should Singapore economy be built on bubbles or firm fundamentals?

This the PAP must answer; in the meantime, please ensure that Citizens feel both privileged and secure in their own country- so that citizens can procreate in peace and security- and uphold the vibrancy that we have from young grown to hold dear.

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- 'Housing Prices affect Birth Rates as well... !!!': "The objective of HDB flat was originally meant to provide families a rooftop at a reasonable low cost. It has diverted so largely from its original objective in late years and this issue had affected many young couples especially local Singaporeans." [REACH 16Sept2010]
- 'YPAP leader and new citizen Sinha Shekhar complains about low rent of his resale HDB flat': "Mr Sinha also revealed that he owns a private property, implying that he bought the resale HDB flat NOT for staying but for renting and making money." [TR22June2010]
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One reason for these high prices is that HDB flats are rented out." [ST 12Apr2009]
- 'HDB resale prices hit record high again rising by 4.1% in Q2': "DB resale flat prices have hit record highs again. Prices rose by 4.1 per cent in the second quarter of 2010 compared with the previous quarter. This makes it the fifth straight quarter of increase. " [CNA, 23July2010].
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