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Friday, January 29, 2010

Is the CNA forum admin prejudiced?

The admin of the CNA community forum are prejudiced?
(See general contents page for the stats: picture of screen grab on right:
- the 'Market Talk' page is well archived (6804 topics and 212935 posts), but topics in the 'community section' are quickly deleted
- (the same statistics for the 'community page
' are  '22/127' respectively- because CNA much more quickly delete older posts from 'Community' pages; looks like CNA is selectively censoring community views whilst promoting investment , sport and leisure views.
- The forum 'A State of Mine' has remained locked for the longest time.

Guess that's the reflection of the sad life of Singaporeans, its all about nothing but the money, personal gain and hedonism at the end of the day.


- 'Community'- Talk about the happenings in your community that concern you; your pet peeves or your observations. Find out if anyone else shares your views! (127 posts in 1 indexed page)
- 'A State of Mine'- What changes would you like to see in Singapore in the next decade? (112 posts in 1 indexed page, ladt post was dated 28Oct2009).
- 'Market Talk'- Looking for the latest buzz on a counter? Anticipating a Bullish market? Post your comments and questions on our public forum and share your views with other like-minded investors. (212935 posts in 227 index pages)

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