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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Humans at LTA reply!!!

Oki, I'm quite pleased, LTA has decided to reply n look into the matter. Never mind if it's a slow reply, at least my anonymous efforts are noticed. I do hope though that the 'information' they are gathering isn't of a personal/ private nature. Hope my Ver5.1 is clear enough for them cos I won't entertain any phone correspondence. At least paragraph 1 is clear I think. Must thank those who responded with thought and encouragement throughout the versions of this post.

Our Ref: LTA/CC/PCF/FB/F20.000.000/14713/VT
Date   : 20 January 2010
Tel    : 63961519, Fax    :  63961192  
Dear Cherry 
 We refer to your email dated 1 January 2010. 
 We apologise for taking longer time then usual to look into your feedback. We are currently gathering information with regard to your feedback and will reply to you as soon as we have all the details.
We thank you for writing in.
Yours sincerely
 Cindy Ong (Ms),  Executive 
 Project Communications & Feedback
*We invite you to share your views on land transport related issues with us at Now, you can also send us your feedback via SMS at "77LTA" (77582).

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