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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cycling on footpaths will be allowed in Tampines next year

Pls watch the CNA video at  , U can see MBT and his gang having bicycle lessons, advising cyclist to follow the rules and threatening fines of up to $1K.
However, the following scenes are far from satisfactory, pedestrians are seen walking >3 abreast, stopping the middle of the path in hand phone conversation, cyclist swerving around; passing sometimes left, sometimes right, narrowly avoiding a collision.
In any case, the effort of the Tampines GRC led by Mr Mah Bow Tan is a commendable one. As Singapore develops to be a cosmopolitan city, greater numbers and races of people living together is expected and integration in all areas a must. Cycling is also a clean and healthy way of getting around.

With widened foot paths being developed, I believe that the next solution begins with the pedestrian. If pedestrians fail to keep left, then cyclist obviously cannot cycle straight. Only with certainty that pedestrians would keep left and walk straight can cyclist be taught to overtake on the right. The proper procedure for overtaking is currently unpracticed; remains ad-hoc- an oft unpredictable and harrowing experience for both.
For progress to be sustained, we must adopt better levels of consensus and coordination.
For a start, my suggestion to Mr Mah (and co.) would be for them to vigorously enforce the 'keep left' message. For instance, during consistency walkathons, cyclotrons, those participating should be advised during the minister's speech to be gracious, keep left and let faster traffic pass on the right. Opposite traveling non-participants should be allowed safe passage to the right (and not trampled upon).
Children in school should be trained likewise to adopt such social graces early in life. All schools should adopt the walk on left policy.

Then only will harmony return to our roads and vibrancy to the city.
'The audacity of hope'.
Majullah Singapura.

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LTA material for pedestrians has nothing about 'keeping left': 
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Have pity on cyclists lah, foot path give way to pedestrian, on road, give way and smell bus fumes. Sandwich class, very difficult U know, Singapore isn't an inclusive society. See paragraph 3a:

Title     :     Cycling on footpaths will be allowed in Tampines next year
Date     :     13 December 2009 1905 hrs (SST)
URL     :

SINGAPORE: Folks in Tampines have reason to put more pedal to the mettle. From end of February next year, residents there can cycle legally on footways.
This comes after a 20-month trial conducted by the Tampines grassroots organisations, transport authorities and the Traffic Police.
While they say there has been general acceptance of having cyclists share footpaths with pedestrians, they are also stressing the importance of three key features - infrastructure, education and enforcement.
To ensure pedestrians and cyclists can share footpaths safely, safe cycling clinics will soon feature at block parties throughout Tampines.

In addition, footpaths are being widened to ensure adequate space.
And a new regulatory framework will be ready next March to ensure cyclists ride responsibly.
Under the new by-laws, Tampines Town Council will be able to take action against cyclists for reckless behaviour such as speeding on footpaths and endangering the lives of pedestrians, not dismounting from their bicycles in crowded areas and not stopping at the traffic lights.
The Town Council will carry out blitzes and hand out fines of between S$50 and S$1,000 to cyclists who do not obey the rules.
The legalisation of cycling on footpaths will only apply to Tampines.
National Development Minister and MP for Tampines GRC, Mah Bow Tan, said the town is unique in that every block is within 2km of the MRT station, shops and schools.
"We feel that cycling is a very healthy, environmentally friendly and money-saving way of travelling around in a compact town like Tampines," he said.
There are currently no plans to expand the legalisation of cycling to the rest of the island.
- CNA/ir
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