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Thursday, August 31, 2017

SAF should not be the Achilles heel in anti-DIABETES war

More research into relationship between IPPT score vs onset of diabetes mellitus needs to be done with massive SAF repository of pre-enlistment medical screening results, pre-IPPT FFI, FFI for regular servicemen, family history and smoking/ drinking habit data and not least, annual IPPT results for BOTH NSmen and ESPECIALLY regular servicemen vs their future medical outcomes: e.g. years since best IPPT result till onset of diabetes mellitus , healthcare subsidy consumption vs latest valid IPPT result.

This is because SAF has a MASSIVE repository of IPPT results for the last 50yrs since 1967 (possibly unmatched by anyone of half the entire SG population):
"When National Service was first introduced in Singapore in 1967, the physical fitness test included a 4.8 kilometres run to be completed within 30 minutes, and the completion of 9.6 kilometres within 70 minutes while wearing the skeletal battle order (a type of load-carrying equipment)."
According to
"Before embarking on their IPPT, servicemen at age 25 and 30 will be required to pass a basic medical screening. From age 35 and above they will have to pass an annual basic health screening by the SAF medical doctors. The SAF will also commence annual advanced cardiac screenings from as early as age 40 for servicemen deemed to be at high risk for coronary diseases. "

There is, btw, a pre-enlistment health screening to exclude everything from diabetes to congenital heart disease and hearing impairment in servicemen , so there is actually voluminous and immensely valuable data relating physical fitness to morbidity and mortality data etc: revealing whether physical fitness/ lifestyle choices make any difference to future physical health and as a consequence, healthcare costs / subsidy consumption patterns amongst Singaporeans and PRs.

As part of the usual meritocratic framework entrenched in the Singapore ethos, compulsory medishield-life insurance premium discounts could be given to those with good IPPT results in recognition for their personal commitment to keep their dependence on gahmen healthcare subsidies low, as well as a corresponding surcharge for smokers who would be at higher liability to consume greater healthcare resources.

Secret tips to good health and fitness (diet, sleep patterns, lifestyle habits, pearls of wisdom etc) could also be sought from every serviceman at each medical review point and analysed through supercomputing methods to decipher which are the truly ideal habits/pearls based correlating with good fitness and health. 21km run timings of SAF sponsored Army Half Marathon now in its 25th anniversary could also add additional dimensions to the massive data collection.

More IPPT test options like swimming and cycling need to be introduced to ensure wider participation; as well as possible roll out to the entire population to replace the current step tracker campaign wherein which the tracker is unable to differentiate if the steps had been made by the human owner or his dog.

As is the current case, the IPPT pass rate of <19 an="" any="" embarrassment="" for="" is="" military="" revealing="" that="">81% of active NSmen are actually UNFIT/ un-deployable for service let alone war. 

A greater credence of IPPT in promoting health warrants URGENT study if Singapore's military is to remain functional, and if Singapore wishes to avert bankruptcy from future diabetes and other physical inactivity related (unnecessary) healthcare costs. For a select few, test for insulin sensitivity /resistance could add accuracy to the overall results .

Perhaps if Singapore could show proven success in fighting DIABETES that is plaguing all parts of the world (and bankrupting so many from high healthcare costs) then the Nobel prize should be in order for Singapore; otherwise, facing bankruptcy from high healthcare costs , DIABETES might just be the last nail on the coffin for independent Singapore.

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