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Friday, November 18, 2016

Immediate reasons why Singapore will not survive any significant war:

Immediate reasons why Singapore will not survive any significant war:
We are too dependent on foreign workers and MOM's contribution vz recklessness/ negligence to that problem:

Overdependence on work permit holders for Singapore's defence:
NSmen are too physically weak to even carry their own field packs when attending reservist: [Pict Source: Mr Brown]

We need to hire foreign workers for emergence air-strip conversion exercise because no Singaporean knows how to safely dismantle/ reassemble a bus stop:  [Pict Source: New Nation; 'Foreign workers praised for being part of SAF protecting S’pore']

The MOM reason why Singaporeans despise blue collar work, end up as softees and afraid of sunlight:
MOM staff are only concerned about their own comforts and care tuppence about blue collared worker safety. Many Singaporeans are thus inclined to shun blue collared work not so much because of difficulty but because MOM pays only lip service to safety. 

According to Straits Times report: 'Injured worker's long wait for payout' [18July 2016]:Insurance is only scrutinised by the authorities when the work-pass term starts, according to Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC) executive director Bernard Menon. Afterwards, it is managed as a contractual relationship between employer and insurer.
A failure to service the insurance policy or other lapses might go unnoticed until something befalls the worker.
 Mr Tang was awarded more than $122,800 in injury compensation and unpaid wages, but has yet to be paid.ST PHOTO: MARCUS TAN

The simple solution to this lapse would be for a valid insurance certificate to be scrutinised during BOTH work-pass application as well as renewal as well as laws pertaining to refund of unused insurance period to only allow refund by insurer upon presentation of valid work-pass cancellation receipts from MOM: failing which, insurer would remain liable for any work related worker injuries for the entire original insurance period.
Obviously, the presence of a 3rd party 'licensing' organisation focused on worker safety to reduce the frequency of work injuries resulting in claims for permanent disability/ treatments would make blue collar work safer and improve the welfare and social standing of blue collar labourers, no? This 3rd layer emphasis on work safety cannot be over-emphasized.

Unfortunately, the self serving Mandarins @ MOM wont listen and prefer just lazing on their overpriced luxury chairs with their eyes closed and ears shut to worker's miseries: [Pict fr My Paper, 25Mar2011]

It is probably not for lack of financial resource that SAF/ MOM is unable to provide for the correct training to NSmen in construction activities (which is vitally important for the rebuilding of Singapore/ even for employment opportunities post war where damaged buildings need demolition and new buildings constructed) since Singapore is top of chart where the international bribes for medals @ the olympics ruse is concerned: [ Ref: How much money will gold medal winners in Rio take home? By Sally French, 21Aug2016 6:26 p.m. ET ]... the salaries of our political elite is also second to none. The lack of construction skills and post war construction skills amongst NSmen is probably not an imponderable, but a negligent omission by our leaders, intent on simply kicking the problem of lack of hands-on/ blue collared skills can down the road.

Anyhow, the young are on the internet and people can read: for all those who ask if Singapore will have any future after a war or severe terrorist attack breaks out in Singapore given the local population's lack of blue collared skills: the following picture of Tekong BMT recruit's first day of service is telling: he does not see as bright a future for himself as the change his parents had enjoyed. Perhaps what I have just written may have helped explain some of the reasons for his subconscious emotions: [Source: Mothership, 2016]

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