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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Why Brexit referendum is a PLUS for WORLD PEACE: stale (rancid) agreements should be reviewed at periodic intervals.

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Just my 2cents.
Judging by current world trends and the problem of too big to fail: but FAILED in the context of recent significant disasters the likes of Fukushima, Lehman Brothers 2008 (World Financial Crisis), Greek debt crisis etc: to me, all are syndromic of 'groupthink' and the concept of systematic and extensive whistle blower silencing.

In the case of Fukushima nuclear disaster, whistle blowers had all along warned that the nuclear reactor would be at risk of deluge by tsunami but the report was ignored: ["In 2007, TEPCO set up a department to supervise its nuclear facilities. Until June 2011 its chairman was Masao Yoshida, the Fukushima Daiichi chief. A 2008 in-house study identified an immediate need to better protect the facility from flooding by seawater. This study mentioned the possibility of tsunami-waves up to 10.2 metres (33 ft). Headquarters officials insisted that such a risk was unrealistic and did not take the prediction seriously."]

Likewise in the case of Subprime mortgage crisis (Lehman Brothers 2008): which would perhaps be due to blind faith in an unending rise in property prices in the USA: which we now know affected the world economy badly; not least the Greek debt crisis in which almost all of the eurozone placed blind faith in the honesty/ integrity of the Greek gahmen in the raising of public debt and reporting of national budget data resulting in widespread haircuts on Greek public debt and massive losses by investors and pension funds in Greek public debt.

All these incidents point to an overindulgence in such 'too big to fail' phenomenon or organisations and point to a need to sit back and reconsider our priorities and Brexit means just that, reducing uncontrolled immigration, being a colony of the EU parliament whose accountability, as evidenced by its lackadaisical attitude towards the policing of national debt as in the case of Greece and other PIIGS countries remains in serious doubt.

The USA in itself could also be a 'too big to fail' phenomenon resulting in the the present mess in the Middle East as successive US gahmens propped up despotic leaders in exchange for national pride/ cheap oil, the likes of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and even Saddam Hussein once before only to find the tables turned as they were either disposed in revolutions or opposed the USA. A List of authoritarian regimes supported by the United States is also readily available on the internet.. Sadly, both China (South China Sea dispute, illegal law enforcement against booksellers in HKG, human rights abuses in Tibet) and Russia(meddling in Ukraine and Georgia) seem to be following the US example and likewise, seek to achieve 'too big to fail' status much to the peril of world peace.

Where the British electorate feels that it has been colonised by the European Union and helpless in defending its own national borders against the influx of migrants- whose dispersal is primarily caused by the reckless and irresponsible, short sighted decisions by world super-powers (not least the EU), Britain has the right to exert its own independence and withdraw from the European Union 'colonisation' before it is too late, likewise may Britain withdraw from dangerous mutual defence agreements in favour of restarting diplomacy and negotiation: pernicious defence agreements the likes of which were responsible for the UNCONSCIOUS domino effect of 'stale' alliances into forcing everyone into unnecessarily participating in WW2.

I thus salute Great Britain for taking ownership of its own fate and its rightful voice in world affairs and standing up for the fact that membership to any defence or economic agreement/union should always remain an open choice subject to DISCUSSION AND REVIEW AT PERIODIC OPPORTUNES. Once again, Great Britain has earned herself the distinguished honour of setting the right tone and approach to administrative matters for the world to follow: that every man has a vote, and to decide what is good for his nation and himself and not just abandon such duties to politicians with a penchant of laying claim greater knowledge or experience then they in truth do.

May Britain and the EU emerge stronger from this important referendum (discussion) that awakens the interests and concern about larger (relevant) political issues in every responsible citizen.


  1. I know that as a foreign entity I should not interfere in the domestic affairs of the European Union or the United Kingdom, as this is for those people to decide, but anyway…

    That is an interesting approach comparing too big to fail institutions like banks to countries like the US, China and Russia, and a ‘federation’ like the EU.

    To its credit the UK, like Denmark, took steps to set out conditions for EU membership.

    The Danish conditions placed restrictions on issues like defence.

    For both Denmark and the UK, they said ‘no thanks’ to the Euro.

    To protect its borders, the UK (and Ireland) also said ’no thanks’ to participation in the Schengen agreement to remove border controls between countries in the EU.

    So whilst it is correct when you say that “Where the British electorate feels that it has been colonised by the European Union…”

    The next part;

    “… and helpless in defending its own national borders against the influx of migrants”

    kind of overlooks the UK’s rejection of Schengen.

    It will be interesting to see how things play out in the months following the Brexit, like how long it will take for the GBP to recover.

    It’s immediate loss in value could be a welcome godsend for the UK tourism industry!

  2. Right to cont'd operating Boarder controls is powerless against EU imposed responsibilities to accept significant quota of refugee immigrants as long as UK remains part of EU.

    Thank you for your valid comment anyway.