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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Re: SAF needs to stop treating NSmen like slaves/ mercenaries if Singapore is to defe

Re: SAF needs to stop treating NSmen like slaves/ mercenaries if Singapore is to defe

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Thread source: (SGtalk): SAF needs to stop treating NSmen like slaves/ mercenaries if Singapore is to defend herself successfully.
This kind of blatant, inequitable double standard treatment will certainly severely penalize NSmen who are retrenched, studying, between jobs, sabbatical leave, house husbands, taking care of ill relatives, unstable income source or paid lump sum fees at intervals with no formal documentation, project based work in across different continents, structurally under-employed, anyone without black-white proof of regular salary/ too onerous to declare locally, un/ underpaid due to poor-business/ failure etc and cause NSmen to view the SAF as an economic tool/ device to prop up GDP statistics at all costs: thus subjugating the professionalism of a robust fighting force to the short term concern of boosting commercial (GDP) statistics.
walaneh! :shock
Reservists are supposed to be employed liao got income liao mah! :worried
As mentioned, for want of a more equitable remuneration scheme which recognises the actual NSmen efforts towards contributing to the security of Singapore as measured by the appointments in NS he has obtained etc (as quoted above but I tidy it up here for U), the following less commercially active NSmen receive the short end of the stick due to unfair NS remuneration policies which myopically reward immediate commercial profit to the detriment of long term beneficial outcomes as defined as follows:
Business owners/ employees temporarily sacrificing some/ all salary to keep business afloat financially: additional hardship due to SAF penalizing the individuals for commercial unprofitability even if it is necessary to tide a business through economic downturn etc.
Individuals who do not receive documented financial reward for bona fide reasonslike studies, taking care of ill relatives, home-makers, on sabbatical leave, retrenched, employment abroad, salary too low/ onerous to declare to income tax (small scale pte tuition to fund education) or not paying medisave due to other important exigencies etc which are an ordinary part of life (sick relative) and are important social/ intangible activities achieving greater future good: these people are disincentivized due to financially biased SAF reservist remuneration policies to the probable detriment of future good.
- The fear of individuals to follow their calling/ change jobs due to fear of suffering financial loss during reservist since one's value is measured in purely financial terms by mercenary SAFresulting in job stress and eventual structural unemployment due to unwarranted fear of following one's calling, broken families, higher cancer rates due to stress: eventual breakdown of entire society from such unnecessary stress caused by myopic, outdated, clumsy, blunderbuss SAF reservist remuneration policies.
- Worse of all is Singaporeans trying to outsmart the gahmen by feigning sickness/ requesting excuse for every insignificant medical ailment to the extent that >60% have in fact declared themselves unfit as soldiers (cannot even take running test): this 60% is public knowledge BTW: and it simply reveals to a serious degree how sneaky Singaporeans are and how much they lack integrity.

My suggestion is to review the reservist remuneration scheme to a single equitable measure (pro-rata regular salary for the respect rank/appointment is one) to ensure cohesion and equity across the board (the current lack of: being a source of cynicism by new enlistees most of whom are already well cognisant of what I am now writing) as part of the continuous review/ improvement process to keep up with the times, otherwise, the SAF will become a liability to Singapore, an organisation which stifles progress and divides society: the trojan horse that will make Singapore surrender to its foes as distrust and disunity FROM WITHIN makes Singapore UNABLE to respond decisively nor cohesively.

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