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Thursday, December 31, 2015

LTA/ MRT 'Bag down Benny': a serious compromise of public transport safety+ security.

LTA/ MRT 'Bag down Benny': a serious compromise of public transport safety+ security.
LTA bag down campaign(s) to squeeze more people (like sardines) into MRT trains:...


LTA should leave it up to people if they wanted to place their bags on the floor. By making the placement of bags on the floor a common (compulsory) practise, LTA is reducing the anti-terrorism awareness of the average public transport commuter and giving terrorist the open invitation to blow up a train resulting in many human deaths and casualties.
People nowadays need to be on the alert for suspicious objects and persons... Just to pack more people onto trains, LTA chose the easy way out by asking everyone to lower their bags to the floor... Only to make the terrorist evil plans more likely to come to fruition (higher death toll and easier to plant haversack bomb without raising alarm).

Instead of encouraging people to habituality lower their bags to the train floor just to pack trains, LTA should work with MND, URA, NPARKS, Sports SG, HDB, PA etc to provide more and better bathing facilities as well as bike+bus lanes so that more people can (in LKY's words): be more rugged (and resilient too)... Rather than just grumble (with food in mouth) about being unable to catch the first train to arrive...

I would rather be a hot, sweaty cyclist (but looking sexy) than dead or the handicapped victim of a terrorist bomb attack due to the LTA invitation to attack trains by LTA irresponsible manipulation of train commuter instincts.

LTA needs to embrace the bicycle before it is too late.

Scene of immediate aftermath of Boston City Marathon bombing (haversack bomb): and this was open area spectator stand, not crowded, enclosed, over packed MRT train mind U: Pict sauce:

LTA, pls wake up: what is so difficult about enacting 24hrs bus + bicycle lanes???!!!
Pict sauce:

Efficient use of road space for shorter distances, ride bicycle is better:

"In the space it takes to accommodate 60 cars, cities can accommodate around sixteen buses or more than 600 bikes. As Australia’s population swells and our cities experience ever increasing congestion we need to get smarter about how we use existing road space—including investing more in alternatives such as public transport and cycling—if we are to move people more efficiently and effectively.”said former professional cyclist Stephen Hodge (Australia).

M√ľnster's iconic 'waste of space' photo keeps on giving - Bikehub -

Public transport in Singapore: Ride bicycle is faster.

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