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Thursday, June 11, 2015

How Exercise trumps Medishield-life as key to good life.

Changi General Hospital started housing patients waiting for beds in this large air-conditioned tent this week. The 800-bed CGH, along with Tan Tock Seng and Khoo Teck Puat hospitals, has resorted to sending patients to Alexandra, one of the few public hospitals here with spare beds. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said last night that he was aware of the problem - hence, the push to add 1,900 more acute hospital beds and 2,600 community hospital beds by 2020. -- ST PHOTO: DESMOND FOO - See more at:

- exercise will not drain your medisave unlike Medishield-life life and if everyone keeps fit, then waiting along corridors/ under tent for a proper hospital ward bed will never happen (except in case of disaster/ war).

- Medishield-life (auto-deduction) will drain your medisave $$$ sooner than U realise so that your medisave will be empty by the time U really need to depend upon it in old age.

- by not charging smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts, womanisers (with HIV), obese gluttons/ couch potatoes higher premiums in exchange for unlimited claim limits (lifetime claim limit is removed for Medishield-life), Medishield-life premiums can only be expected to increase across the board as more irresponsible people are placed on life support. This would mean less $ for education, exercise, family bonding etc: thus making Medishield-life more of a burden than help.

under scheduled Medishield-life funding plans, even 'poor' people receive subsidies when they buy the most expensive health insurance plans: which make one wonder if these so called 'poor' people are really poor in the first place.

Medishield-life will be your ticket to jail or punishing fines (+ high interest (17%) + repayment of defaulted amount) if your medisave account is empty n u try to leave the country (implying U are rich).

Medishield-life will let U die along hospital corridor because so many Singaporeans will depend on Medishield-life rather than exercise that the hospital bed crunch would be much worse than it is now. A&E drs will hesitate to admit U plausably because beds are short and even if they do, U would probably have to sleep the night along a corridor/ make shift tent...

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