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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

'Give Way to buses scheme'= senseless, draconian public policy?

Solution to long bus commuter times is more frequent bus services and bus lanes, not cart before horse 'Give Way to buses scheme'

Isn't it common sense that one easy way for a bus to exit a bus bay is for another to enter it?
A bus seeking to enter a bus bay would obviously block off all oncoming traffic so that the bus exiting it would then easily exit (where road dimensions do not permit the provision of bus lanes).

The solution of buses having problems exiting bus bays is therefore the creation of more bus lanes and where necessary, the increase in frequency of bus services.

Better bus services would also permit fewer people from having to own/ use private cars since public transport/ private bicycle transport efficiency/ experience would then be improved- thus the reduction in traffic exhaust pollution and congestion caused by environmentally inefficient and space occupying private car transportation (whose use are a vicious cycle unto themselves).

Bicycles should especially be encouraged since they are a nonpolluting, non-greenhouse effect causing and healthy (exercise) form of public/ personal transportation.

In any case, traffic light crossings (better for older folk cf overhead crossings) also help regulate traffic flows along roads- and with their frequent use, help regulate traffic flows to allow for periodic intervals whereby buses may safely exit bus says.

(The give way to buses scheme is also as much an environmentally unhealthy as it is in operation dangerous since it forces large columns of traffic to suddenly halt, just to give way to a bus seeking to shorten commuter time; in contradiction to the usual traffic major-minor road give way rules.)

The give way to buses scheme is thus born out of lip service and convenience of ruling politicians with little/ no consideration for the supply-demand dynamics of public transport need nor the safety of road commuters at large.

- 'LTA to expand Mandatory Give-Way to Buses Scheme' [CNA, 21 October 2012]
- 'I gave way to bus -- and got rammed from behind' [Stomp, 29 Aug 2009]
24Oct2012: 'Give Way to buses scheme'= senseless, draconian public policy?

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