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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[Environment]: Frequent floods and why the future of Mankind is grim

I have noted many incidents of flooding recently and in recent days and worry about more to come.
Philippines prepares for new storm
Flooding in central Nigeria kills at least 28
Flooding rivers threaten Otago as rain eases
Seoul's Lessons for Asian Urban Flooding

This is because besides global warming (due to fossil fuel use) causing sea levels to rise (up to 61 meters if ever the Antarctic completely melts (full melting is unlikely though any partial melting is not insignificant)).

Deforestation (besides urbanization and sea level rises) is also much to be blamed for flooding as poor soils are poor in water absorption, easily eroded, clog up drains and thus aggravate flooding. Worst of all, these eroded soils eventually end up in the sea: obviously perpetuating further rises in sea levels with little in recourse as mangrove swamp destruction means that there is little in terms of natural coastal land reclamation.

Much of the world's cities and farmland are actually on low lying land, perhaps estuaries once before as many cities have their roots as port cities, what would become of these if they become inundated by sea water?

Will food prices increase when farms become inundated by sea water/ scorched by drought? Will the dependence on nuclear energy result in greater tragedy as examples of Chernobyl and Fukushima amply illustrate?

Flooding leads to more flooding as deforested land masses are eroded into the sea.

Perhaps extinction is a natural human progression as society- through its profligacy turns landmasses into a submerged salt water atolls- water water every where yet not a drop to drink, worse if all this water is also radioactive due to some nuclear related indiscretion.

Profligacy banished the first inhabitants from the Garden of Eden; profligacy again will banish Mankind to the depths of extinction.

The future of Mankind is grim.
15Aug2012: [Environment]: Frequent floods and why the future of Mankind is grim
15Aug2012: [Environment]: Frequent floods and why the future of Mankind is grim

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