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Thursday, November 10, 2011

How come compulsory IC registration must pay $10? otherwise fine $5000, jail 5 years?

How come compulsory IC registration must pay $10? If it is a process made compulsory by the state then shouldn't it be free (aka sponsored by the state)- would it be that if one told ICA that one didn't have $10 to spare then one wouldn't be required to register/ re-register his IC?

What would happen if GIC lost enough CPF monies and the SG govt decided to profit from having a law to requisite the process of re-registering ICs every year at the price of $50/resident/ year. With a resident population of above 5million [], does the SG govt then easily stand to earn S$250 million just by the stroke of a pen through the imposition of such arbitrary and abusive taxation? Our salaries, properties and even daily purchases are taxed, not to mention medical treatments as well; besides our taxes being paid to Ministers and Senior Civil Servants, should ICA be subverted so that our 15 and 30 year olds need not beg, borrow or steal money to satisfy the government's demands to "register for their first Identity Card (IC). Re-registration is at the age of 30 years" [].

Perhaps I shouldn't be saying too much cos the way things are moving, we might even soon be charged to serve National Service (after compulsory $10 registration fee for 11B): for NS in infantry/ bomb disposal unit: pay govt $30/month, for NS in cushy air-con office: pay govt $500/month, for Lt Col rank, $30,000 will get you there... (3 years jail + fine if you choose none of the above); hopefully the 60% of PAP supporting Singaporeans would not salute to that!

Perhaps the day would come (God forbid) that in Singapore, where 'voting is compulsory', $10 will get you 1 chance to vote but $1000 gets one 100 votes in Parliamentary and Presidential elections... so the bankers would always win of course!....

And the next time the census guy knocks my door, he'd say, "Hi, I'm (so n so), here from population department do perform a compulsory census on your family, but before I start, may I collect $10 from you for 'admin fees'?" ... and the police demand money to process your complaint and the fire service responds promptly according who you are and how much you are willing to pay for their response... what has SG come to? Ex-MM Lee's famed mosquito man: $10 to inspect your premises, fine if larvae found, double fine for refusing him entry or not paying the 'inspection fee'! GST= 20%+ = affordable, Scandinavian countries [VAT (link)] have it that way they'd say.

Please lah, if the PAP government can use "..taxpayer-funded grassroots for political gain..", in "FY2008, PA received $280 million from taxpayers, and another $23 million in 'operating income' .." [How PAP uses taxpayer-funded grassroots for political gain; G Giam, 10/2009 (link)], I really cannot fathom how the PAP govt can be so petty as to demand $10 from citizens, at least TWICE under the duress of criminal penalty.

Registration for an IC isn't a luxury nor an optional choice as entry to the casino or the use of airline services is; fees for IC is is just another facade of PAP's abuse of leadership mandate and political authority. The PAP government would do well to understand that Singapore is a sovereign nation state, a republic and NOT a monarchy nor a private limited company.

- 'Offences and penalties': "13. —(1) Any person who — (a) is required to register under this Act, or being registered under this Act, is required to re-register under this Act fails to register or re-register within the prescribed time or period;... shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or to both. " [National Registration Act (CHAPTER 201)]

PAP: A tax for every purchase a charge for every act, always rouses the cronies, to await sheer fiscal delight!

The Straits Times; Published on Nov 8, 2011
Hefty penalty for losing old IC
I WAS recently involved in an identity card (IC) re-registration exercise. Unfortunately, my wallet, which contained my old IC, was stolen while my new one was being processed.
So instead of paying the original $10, I was told to pay $60 because I could not produce my old IC, even though I had a police report to back up my explanation.
Why does the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority have to levy this additional fee, since administratively, there is no difference to the process?
Alex Chan
PS: Whilst I'm not against charges and penalties for the loss of the IC (a legal document) to charge Singaporeans for a compulsory process in the normal course of citizenship is ridiculous not least exposing the bankruptcy of the Singapore political financial economy.

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10Nov2011: How come compulsory IC registration must pay $10? otherwise fine $5000, jail 5 years?
10Nov2011: How come compulsory IC registration must pay $10?
10Nov2011: How come compulsory IC registration must pay $10? otherwise fine $5000, jail 5 years?
10Nov2011: How come compulsory IC registration must pay $10? otherwise fine $5000, jail 5 years?
10Nov2011: How come compulsory IC registration must pay $10? otherwise fine $5000, jail 5 years?

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