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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Re: "he's bound by the Party Whip and voted 'Yes'"

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Re: Lim Boon Heng in tears
he's bound by the Party Whip and voted 'Yes'
His tears are uncontrollable and real, as least that is what I feel, watching from TV.. Come on guys, he's not an actor..

But what are the tears for?
- You are right to say he knows he has failed or didn't do more to help the low wage workers, but probably only, bc he didn't mentioned more, such as the challenges this group and the rest have to face with the influx of more low wage and middle income workers from developing and 3rd world countries. Wages are going south while inflation is going north!
- Casino. He may be against opening of gambling dens. The debates in Parliament were just wayang bc at the end of the day, he's bound by the Party Whip and voted 'Yes', against his conscience. Gambling dens bring more harm then any tangible and intangible benefits one can think of, period.
We just need more opposition members in the Parliament, at least 40%, to save more Ministers like him to cry..
"he's bound by the Party Whip and voted 'Yes'"

- 'Singapore lifts whip on orchestrated parliament': "The free vote is given to them when they make a request, and the Whip will consider. In the past it was simply: 'No you can't even request',' he said." [AFP 21Mar2002]
- ''Yes-men' PAP MPs embarrassed themselves by saying instinctively “Yes” (wrongly) to reduce budget of Home Affairs Ministry': "PAP MPs are so used to saying “yes” in Parliament that they almost screwed up the budget of the Home Affairs Ministry by agreeing to reduce it. PAP MP Alvin Yeo from Hong Kah GRC tabled a motion.. As he was not present during the debate on the next day, Speaker of the House Abdullah Tarmugi asked MPs to decide to approve the motion. As the PAP MPs are used to saying “Yes” in Parliament for many years, when the Speaker asked for a decision to be made on the motion, all of them shouted “AYE” in unison instinctively which prompted him to raise his head to hint to the MPs to listen carefully before voting again. ..." [TR, 07Mar2010]

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